In cases when there is a healed implant candidate site that does not have enough bone to support an implant, new bone must be grown in that area. This process, which we call bone grafting, can sometimes be done at the same time as implant placement. Implants can be used to replace teeth in nearly every case. In some cases, they can even be placed the same day the tooth is removed. Talk to your dentist about your choices between implants and other replacement options.

When teeth are lost or removed without replacement, resorption (bone loss) can occur. If we find that you have experienced bone loss in the area where you need implants, we may recommend a bone graft. A bone graft augments the healthy bone in your jaw and stimulates regeneration that further restores your jawbone structure.

Once fully healed, you will be ready to receive dental implants that will provide a solution for tooth loss and prevent further resorption of jaw bone structure.