Sedation and Technology

Dr. Kretchmer, Dr. Stella, and Dr. Valentine offer several kinds of sedation to keep patients comfortable.

During all procedures under sedation, patients are monitored using electronic vital sign monitoring machines, ensuring a comfortable, safe experience.

  • Mild oral sedation is a safe, effective way to reduce anxiety before and during an appointment. Patients take a small pill about an hour prior to their appointment.
  • Nitrous oxide or "laughing gas" can be used with any procedure. It is safe and effective for mild sedation. It also wears off within minutes, so you can drive home afterward.
  • Conscious IV sedation is a deeper level of sedation that can be easily adjusted by your doctors.

Patients selecting oral or IV sedation must have a trusted driver bring them to the appointment and take them home afterward. We recommend that someone stay with you until the effects from the sedation have worn off.

Other Technology

We use the latest laser surgery techniques and CT imaging, as well as digital x-rays to improve patient outcomes. Our laser and imaging center is located at our Raleigh office.